About Us

Quality and Collaboration Since 1975

HB&A Architects, Inc

HB&A Architects, Inc. (HB&A) was formally established in North San Diego County in 2001.   But the roots of the firm date much further back. Jim Hernandez, architect and general contractor, established his design and construction firm in the north county in 1975. And Mark Baker, principal architect, established his design firm in the north county in 1990. The two had worked on and off together since 1986 and finally established HB&A Architects, Inc., in 2001.


The firm has always done a wide variety of work and pride themselves in approaching each project with an open mind in finding the appropriate design solution for the task at hand. The partners are diverse in their skills with projects in, but not limited to, military, public works, municipal water districts, K-12 Educational, parking structures, retail, LEED construction and private residential projects throughout the area. Mark brings a strong sense of quality control to the design process and there is a focus on sustainability of products and systems specified. And with Jim’s construction background, there is always an emphasis on cost budgeting, construction scheduling and practical detailing of material connections during the building process.


The staff at HB&A has a strong background in project management and pride themselves in providing quality service to our clients. At each stage of project development, there are multiple solutions proposed for client review and approval. HB&A provides reasoning for these various alternatives and is there to assist our clients in their ultimate selection of the preferred choices. The entire process, from initial sketch designs to occupancy of the built environment, is a very collaborative process.